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The Adventures
          Flat Stanley     
                      San Diego

Andrew Johnson read a book about Flat Stanley. He sent a letter to his Uncle John in San Diego about Flat Stanley. Andrew Johnson is in the second grade. He has blond hair and loves to dance with the bears.

November 5, 1999

Dear Ukle John,

I read "Flat Stanley" in school. Enclosed in the envelope is my Flat Stanley. Stanley will be staying with you for a few days. could you please take Stanley either to work or school or some place fun in your town. Could you also take pictures of Stanley in these places. I will miss Stanley very much while he is visiting you. So, could you please send him and the pictures of him back to me as soon as you can. Thank you and have fun with Stanley.


Take me to the pictures of the Adventures of Flat Stanley in San Diego With Andrew Johnson's Uncle John. November 9-10 1999

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