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Uncle John tried to get Flat Stanley to go to school with him.
Flat Stanley was kind of tired by that time.
After we got to school Flat Stanley was a little cranky.
He did not want to go into the classroom.
He started to have a fit. He jumped up and down in the car.
Uncle John quickly got out of the car so Flat Stanley would not hurt him.
After Uncle John got out of the car Flat Stanley jumped on his head.
Flat Stanley was kind of mad.
After a little tussle Uncle John put Flat Stanley back in the car.
Flat Stanley said he just wanted to take a little rest.
So Uncle John put Flat Stanley in the back seat.
Before Uncle John headed for his class, Flat Stanley was snoring.
After Uncle John taught his class some student things, he returned to the car.
Flat Stanley woke up

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